Michigan is that state in the US of A with two peninsulas surrounded by huge fresh water lakes, where mass production and unions kicked off, not to mention Motown and Corn Flakes.

Movie is shorthand for any story or experience mediated by technology – be it linear like old school video tape and rolls of film, or interactive like the latest game title. It might seem weird to think of games as movies, but the multi-million dollar Michigan Film Incentive supports a managerie of “i” projects including games and even web development. Since linear and interactive media are now mostly digital, tweaking the word “movie” (motion pictures) to include interaction is likely a more elegant hack than trying to prise the word “film” (strips of translucent celluloid / petro based polymers) from the conceptual amber of geezers and snobs.

Makers bring into being mere maybe’s and what if’s, tinkering with technology and even conceptual foundations – experimenting, pushing what’s possible to the unprecedented. The contemporary maker movement is aligned with open source software and creative commons distribution, key assets for storytellers.

Michigan Movie Makers welcomes everyone involved or interested in making movies – writers, producers, directors, actors, models, modelers, photographers, painters, musicians, singers, composers, dancers, choreographers, VFX and pyro techs, coders, costumers, make-up artists, stylists, designers, carpenters, fabricators, caterers, investors or even audience members and gamers – in and around Northwestern Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.