Michigan Movie Makers has been spontaneously regenerating since the 70’s!

Here the Michigan Movie Makers club demonstrates the latest gear, circa 1970s. Richard Brauer could probably identify all these antiques.

At the start of the 21st century, James Weston Schaberg took Traverse City by storm with the new Michigan Movie Makers, coinciding with the launch of the TCFF and the Michigan Film Incentive.

In 2011, James and Dan Kelly, recently returned from a 6 year career bootstrap in NYC, relaunched Michigan Movie Makers with this blog and a variety of intriguing events, the main objective being to bring the community together regularly. M3 toddled along until late 2014, when a slew of hearties committed to taking M3 onward, led by the intrepid Jennifer Cummins. The rest as they say, is future history.