Thoughts on organizing M3

Post June 22 meeting, I told Andrea and Lesley the story about my excellent friend Michael Vitti from Mopictive (the Moving Picture Collective in NYC, formerly the Final Cut Users group.) Michael was Mopictive’s fearless leader and it was a second job almost, he juggled a lot of responsibility. In 2009 he went to NAB, had a heart attack and died. Mopictive reformed and has been going strong ever since.

The point of telling Mike’s story is that I want Michigan Movie Makers to be going strong from the get go. My M3 collaborator, James Weston Schaberg, is off to Montana next Monday – pretty much forever – so the community ought to discuss how to distribute the M3 workload ASAP. I’m happy to be the facilitator/steward/midwife for the time being. Andrea has already offered to co-host, and that’s fabulous. Along with her scintillating personality, she’s got serious vintage clothing.

Here are my pre-meeting notes about M3 objectives and delegations. Think about it, comment, let me know where you might fit in.

What can M3 do for us?

  • professional development – education
  • awareness of regional resources and talent (rich and the pickup story)
  • interconnections and cross promotion (i’m working on… and her project is…)
  • collaborative ecosystem – professional/mentor, student/intern, enthusiast/volunteer, staff/consultant, audience/peers…
  • socially engaged, inspired, stimulated
  • respect and support
  • create production friendly Northern Michigan
  • safety and ethical guidelines
  • preserve and steward the unique resources of the region for present and future projects
  • sustainable productions (minimize consumables, reuse sets, props, costumes, leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures…)


  • student outreach = TBAISD, NMC, Interlochen, High Schools
  • professional outreach =  michigan film board, sag, manufacturers reps, notable producers, directors, editors, SFX supervisors
  • sponsors = rental of library or other, giveaways, software and hardware, comps for visiting VIPS…
  • community outreach = email and no email lists, blasts, press releases, psas, ads
  • website = events, meeting agendas, announcements, housekeeping, connection with social media, integrity of member links
  • plan meetings / schedule presenters = VIPS, tools, resources, strategic connections
  • execs / hosts = plan and run meetings, liaison for VIPs, ambassadors, public faces, general coordination, vision
  • project coordinators eg M33M
  • other – depending on goals (see 06-22-11 report)
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